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A beginner's guide to Japanese Tea

Japanese tea expert Per Oscar Brekell is one of the few foreigners to complete the difficult training in Japan as a tea instructor. Now, with this book, he shares the secrets and insights he's gleaned from a career dedicated to promoting and preparing this ancient beverage.

Combining a practical approach with in-depth knowledge and a keen eye for the healthful benefits of tea, this visual guide will help you understand everything from how tea is picked and processed to the physical and mental health benefits that come from drinking it.

Through stunning color photos and engaging information from Brekell, readers of this book will get:

  • A guided tour of Japan's main tea-growing regions, from Uji/Kyoto to Shizuoka and Kagoshima, and a journey from leaf to cup

  • An introduction to top-grade premium and single-estate Japanese teas like yabukita, koshun, yamakai, sofu and asatsuyu

  • A detailed guide to brewing Japanese teas to enhance their flavor and to highlight their healthful properties

  • An in-depth look at traditional Japanese teapots and teacups

  • A curated selection of teas suitable for home brewing and serving in various situations


The Book of Japanese Tea

With the focus on leaf tea (as opposed to the Japanese tea ceremony), Oscar Brekell guides the reader through the fascinating world of Japanese tea, covering everything from the logic behind tea steeping, different types of tea, tea growing regions, history, tea compounds, processing and the latest trends such as single estate Sencha (including descriptions of cultivars never before published in any language other than Japanese). Useful for tea specialists but also enjoyable for the enthusiast, this bilingual book can also serve as a communication tool for non-Japanese looking for tea in Japan, or for Japanese who wish to promote and explain about Japanese tea to foreigners.

僕が恋した日本茶のこと 青い目の日本茶伝道師_表紙 (2017年8月4日発売の書

About the Japanese tea I fell in love with

Boku ga koi shita
Nihoncha no koto

This is my first book, where I write about my experiences from working in the Japanese Tea industry, and how i came to develop a passion for green tea. 

This book is only available in Japanese.


Enjoying Japanese Tea

​from scratch

Zero kara wakaru!
Nihoncha no Tanoshimikata

Few teas can be enjoyed in as many ways as Japanese Tea. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a habitual green tea drinker, you are sure to find useful tips in this well-illustrated and easy-to-use handbook provides  

This book is only available in Japanese.


The enchanting

Japanese Tea

Miwaku no Nihoncha

This book was published as a textbook for the TV show "Marutoku Magazine", aired on NHK Educational (Japan's Public service broadcaster) in 2019. In the TV show, Oscar Brekell appeared as the lecturer, and the book also follows the same approach, taking on one type of tea at a time similar to a cooking course. 

This book is only available in Japanese.

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