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Koshun really stands out among all the Japanese tea cultivars with its distinct herbal aroma and slightly cinnamon-like sweetness. Being so outspokenly different from other Japanese Sencha cultivars it is perhaps no surprise that some even confuse it with flavored tea. Indeed the aroma of a good Koshun never fails to make an impression. I especially remember one occasion when evaluating 6 different Koshun Senchas simultaneously at a Japanese tea wholesaler. As the vapor rising from the tasting bowls entered my nostrils, I was almost...

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製造記号   会社名               所在地

+SH    (株)葉桐                  静岡市葵区足久保口組1733-1

+HY   (株)製茶問屋山梨商店             静岡市葵区一番町80

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